Hope United Cochrane
Proposed Goal
To reach our $130,000 campaign goal we are seeking pledges which will be paid over three years*. There may also be some who are able to give a lump sum gift as well; the more we can raise up front the lower the loan amount needed to break ground and more for cash flow during construction. Everyone's financial situation and ties to the church vary so one time gifts are also appreciated and crucial to our success. We plan to have all pledges in hand by Celebration Sunday, November 17, 2019.

* Through the generous gifts of past members and anticipated income from grants to supplement our campaign gifts, we plan to meet the total project cost of $200,000.

Please see the Letters of Intent and self addressed return envelopes included in your packet. Or just download the digital Letter of Intent and make a Donation today.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments. We are happy to provide more details. Please email us 24/7 or call us to learn more.

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