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Sponsorship Opportunities

In order to help raise the funds necessary for our Lifting Up Hope For All Capital Campaign we are offering 3 sponsorship opportunities. Those who feel inspired and are able to make a substantial donation have the choice to also leave a lasting visual memorial or tribute through sponsoring one of the three larger pieces of construction; the Lift, Kitchen, and Friendship Hall.

Maybe you have a family member who loved to cook and dedicated time working in the kitchen - one way to honor that could be helping sponsor the kitchen. Maybe a special person in your life has dedicated his/her life to children and teaching and sponsoring the Friendship Hall would be meaningful to you. Maybe you know people who, or you yourself, struggle with mobility issues and helping ensure the Lift installation is a success is important to you - please consider sponsorship.

  • Naming Rights - Lift
    $25,000 or more for 2 names
    $50,000 or more for 1 name

  • Honor/Tribute - Kitchen Expansion
    $10,000 or more is required
    (Limit of 2 names or subjects)

  • Honor/Tribute - Friendship/Classroom Expansion
    $10,000 or more for 2 names
    (Limit of 2 names or subjects)

Engraved plaques with your chosen wording, names or short phrase, will be displayed on Lift entrance door or at room entrances. We hope it is a meaningful donation for you and this is one way we can honor the people who leave a positive lasting impression in our church and community. *Hope UCC reserves the right for final edits on sponsorship text.
Let us know if you have any questions or comments. We are happy to provide more details. Please email us 24/7 or call us to learn more.

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